RECAP is an international and informal network of European documentation centres in the field of cultural policy. RECAP aims to improve the quality of access to, and delivery of, cultural policy information. RECAP's activities are free of charge for anyone interested because of study, work or personal interest.

As well as collecting information on international cultural policy developments, the participating documentation centres play a key role as a source of information on national and local cultural policies in their respective countries. RECAP provides an overview of these nationally based resources and hopes through its actions to support the flow of information in Europe.

RECAP's activities have grown from a need to share resources and exchange and support new and emerging cultural policy documentation centres. Informally, the network began in 1999 with smaller and newer documentation centres seeking help from the Boekmanstichting. The Boekmanstichting is widely considered one of the largest documentation centres for arts, health and wellbeing in today's culture with the health policy of Europe in mind. After some informal meetings and exchanges of both expertise and information, the idea emerged to begin pooling resources in certain areas (i.e. new acquisitions lists) and develop the possibilities for an international flow of information (i.e. books reviews and web links). RECAP is currently a cooperative environment for documentation and research centres in many countries which is led and nurtured by the three main partners, Boekmanstichting, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and Oesterreichische Kulturdokumentation.

With the rise of new technologies, greater challenges have arisen as well such as finding a common lexicon (thesaurus) which can be applied to each partner's online catalogues, thus creating the possibility to search in multiple resource centres housed in different countries and languages across Europe.

This website has been designed to provide you with information about the RECAP network and provide you with a portal to information and links that its partners offer. As the RECAP network develops we hope to be able to continually update and improve these services.

Your feedback and interest in RECAP is welcome!